A shot of my cup of coffee in the front with the view from my window: back door, oak tree and neighboor’s houses.
View from workspace

The day American commander in chief suggests the possibility of injecting disinfectant as a preventive measure for a deathly virus, you have to credit and rely on your own ability to use reason. Every morning I wake myself to either orange juice or coffee, which I am very thankful for, and at least commit to a 2h long intake of content from CNN and MSNBC. My pulsating nerd heart has perpetually trained itself to find those potentially historical moments that I get to witness in life. And self-record them in the brain best I possibly can. Good and bad. This will be one of those attempts.

My household openly encouraged me to engage in discussions around politics, believe it or not, it is an unconfessed practice in most Latin American “dinner table conversations” or sobremesa. I’m very familiar with the discomfort it can bring to such space as well. And given my undergrad background in sociology, people around me and us (my family) know what to expect. Unlike what others may think, navigating such discomfort has been one of our greatest assets as a human collective. And given the extraordinary circumstances, COVID-19 has created globally, I’m opening this space for reflection. First, and foremost, in order to keep my own sanity. Second, to register a multitude of experiences that are politically, socially, and individually shaping this crisis. Third, to write and make it matter.

Finally, I felt compelled to write because I believe the impacts this significant shift towards the domestic sphere will greatly, but more so unperceivable unless systematically analyzed, affect our collective understanding of politics. The private is political, a long-overlooked feminist mantra is now undeniably at the global front. The scenario from where the questioning and the solutions need to happen; not solely but at least prioritized in a new way.

I write. Escribo.