The slightly L-shaped bedroom. Three big windows facing the small parking area right next to the ominous unintended back garden. My wildest home of them all. The one I ever lived in but never had. This was not my first time in The United States of America, therefore a certain…

Cusco Perú, circa 2018.

None of the mighty signals became true. As expected, life wasn’t catered towards any of her needs. A sense of disbelief appeased her mind since answers were meant to be answered by science. There wasn’t a single reason for her to bring cultural gadgets that would make her look tribal and unworthy of trust, but more importantly prestige and legitimacy. She had to stop speaking with the heart and using her heart to voice reason. So she became accustomed to defending herself from the relentless accusations placing her under a category of emotionally blinded beings. It seemed persuasiveness granted a form of safety. Maybe such was the root of male’s undisputed sense of confidence — she thought to herself.

The ‘Humanitarian’ Pardon of Peruvian Ex-Dictator Alberto Fujimori (12/24/2017)

This time allows perplexity at certain issues. I found a handful of captivating phenomena in the political realm. The astounding symbolism behind face mask use, for instance. Supply shortages for first responders and essential workers seem to be an organic consequence on the lack of coordinated actions at sub-national levels…

A shot of my cup of coffee in the front with the view from my window: back door, oak tree and neighboor’s houses.
View from workspace

The day American commander in chief suggests the possibility of injecting disinfectant as a preventive measure for a deathly virus, you have to credit and rely on your own ability to use reason. Every morning I wake myself to either orange juice or coffee, which I am very thankful for…

Sisa Poemape

I write. Escribo.

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